Operating Instructions

Operating instructions describe the exact installation conditions, application fields and safety advices for specific instruments.

Operating Instructions - Heading 00 - General

B00-100 (B1) Pressure Gauges
B00-901 (B38) Combi Gauges for Rail Cars

Operating Instructions - Heading 01 - Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges

B01-902 (B33) SF6 Gas Density Monitor

Operating Instructions - Heading 07 - Chemical Seals

B07-000 (B7) Diaphragm Seals / In-line Seals

Operating Instructions - Heading 08 - Temperature Measurement

B08-100 (B34) Bimetal Thermometers
B08-200 (B23) Gas-actuated Thermometers
B08-301 (B68) Digital Thermometer LILLY
B08-302 (B69) Digital Thermometer LILLYplus
B08-500 (B70) Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouples TPt, TTe
B08-505 (B71) Resistance Thermometers, Thermocouples TPt Ex, TTe Ex
B08-590 Display PAXd
B08-800 (B77) Thermowells

Operating Instructions - Heading 09 - Electronic Pressure Measurement

B09-100 (B5) Electric Limit Switch Contact Assemblies
B09-621 (B65) Electronic Pressure Switch PS 300
B09-622 (B66) Electronic Pressure Switch PS 400
B09-631 (B40) Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauges RSCh / RSChOe with Integrated Pressure Transmitter DMU
B09-643 (B72) Digital Precision Pressure Gauge DPG 1030 LILLYpress PLUS
B09-651 (B67) Digital Pressure Gauge DPG 1500 / 1510 LILLYpress PLUS
B09-661 (B63) Digital Pressure Gauge DPG 300
B09-662 (B64) Digital Pressure Gauge DPG 400
B09-668 (B78) Digital Pressure Gauge DPG 2600
B09-711 (B73) Pressure Transmitters PTPi, PTDi
B09-712 (B74) Pressure Transmitter PTFi
B09-800 (B22) Pressure Transmitters PTM..., CTM..., DTM...
B09-812 (B28) PTMEx, PTMExFB
B09-830 (B62) Pressure Transmitter Model DTMH
B09-860 (B50) Pressure Transmitter Models DIGPTM, DIGDTMv
B09-910 (B8) Process-controlled Digital Display DPM
B09-912 (B26) Digital Display and Switching Module DAS, DASA

Operating Instructions - Heading 10 - Calibration Technology

B10-111 (B49) Hand Test Pump BHP 40
B10-112 (B48) Hand Test Pump BHP 700
B10-151 (B53) Comparison Pump PH 60-P
B10-155 (B54) Comparison Pumps PS 60-P, PS 600-P
B10-156 (B52) Comparison Pumps PS 600-G, PS 1000-G
B10-157 (B51) Comparison Pumps PS 2500-G
B10-221 (B47) Digital Pressure Gauge D2
B10-261 (B45) Digital Precision Pressure Indicator DPG 3600
B10-311 (B55) Dead Weight Tester PD 1
B10-312 (B56) Dead Weight Tester PD 6
B10-313 (B57) Dead Weight Testers PD 10, PD 25
B10-315 (B58) Dead Weight Testers PD 60, PD 100
B10-316 (B59) Dead Weight Testers PD 600, PD 1000
B10-317 (B60) Dead Weight Tester PD 2500
B10-461 (B44) Precision Pressure Controller / Calibrator DPC 3800, DPC 3800 HDG
B10-462 (B46) Precision Pressure Controller / Calibrator DPC 3800 HD
B10-465 (B76) Automatic Calibration System DPC 4800

Operating Instructions - Heading 11 - Accessories for Pressure Gauges

B11-001 (B29) Deflagration Volume Protection Adapt-FS
B11-200 (B43) Stop Valves